Sixknots on Lundy

photo 1Sometimes everything is straitforward and goes according to plans, some other times plans keep changing all the time. Last saturday was more or less example of the second case.

Plan A: Surfing and rockhopping in North Devon.

As forecast progressed and there was no chance for surf to develop an idea of a very selfish plan appeared.

Plan B: To try how fast my new boat is while crossing to Lundy from Lee Bay early morning and gentle paddle back in the 2IMG_0080IMG_0081IMG_0082

I was getting ready to battle increasing headwind on return journey, but the appearance of the MS Oldenburg landing in Lundy harbour changed the plan again.

Plan C: Chicken out and cross to Ilfracombe in comfort of  bigger boat and be picked up in harbor latter.IMG_0083IMG_0090IMG_0095


My new boat is fast.

I have spend on island only three and half hours, however it was still more than it took  paddling there.

It is possible to take kayak on MS Oldenbourg, they put kayaks on starboard side.

Never trust forecast.

Time on stopwatch when my boat touched Lundy stoped on 2:55:08.IMG_0079

My new boat is fast.

Sixknots paddles six knots there and now:)Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 20.46.46

4 thoughts on “Sixknots on Lundy

  1. Goodness. Was there a following sea/tailwind?

    6 knots average speed for three hours is a bit atypically quick, even for a fast sea kayak such as this one. Might even be a little quick for a surf ski.

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