Today, after three days of sitting on the shore bound by winds, came a day, when we could go on the  water and paddle again. But where to? We could move slightly further north and round one or two corners before the wind strikes again but what would be gained from that? Nothing apart from a change in scenery. 
It is becoming more and more obvious that this trip is different to those we have done so far. Unlike previously, the main challenge is not to move further along the coast bit by bit to gain distance. In the same time, the most important set of skills is not about the ability to brace what sea would throw at us. At the moment it became apparent, that what we need to practise is patience and believe. Believe that the weather window will come, hopefully sooner rather than later, and patience to wait for it.

What we are living at the moment is far from the mainstream imaginations of experiences of hardy expedition kayakers. Not that we see ourselves as those anyway. Our days are filled with long sleeps, nice coffees, even better cakes, interesting books and windy walks with birdwatching. Hard? Easy? Well, like with everything else in life, it is as hard or easy, as one makes it.  


1 thought on “WAITING GAMES

  1. Ahoj Natalko a Michale, tak vás oba zdravím, u nás to není o moc lepší naž ve Skotsku. Zataženo, tak, že i v pravé poledne musím svítit. Takové počasí se mi vůbec nelíbí, chci slunce, ale kde ho vzít! A to jsem pod střechou. Tak ať už nám všem zase svítí, máma

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