St Kilda revisited

It has been several weeks since we came back from our eight weeks trip to the outer islands. Most of the time we don’t even remember being there or the paddling. Fortunately we made this clip to remind ourselves.

The first song is sung by Rosie Sullivan, who won the Young Song writer of the Year competition with it. We met Rosie when she came with her dad, who drove to pick us up in Port Ness and took us down to Stornoway in order for us to be able to get to our gateway to St Kilda on time. We listened to her songs and were impressed.

Watching the video not only reminds us about the wonderful places we visited, but also brings smiles to our faces. Especially the scene with our attempt to cross  to Flannans. It was the first calm day in three or four weeks. Obviously it wasn’t calm enough.

Fortunately the next calm day, two weeks later, we managed the second planned crossing despite starting to paddle for four hours against solid headwind.

Here we go.


or rather On the way to Sardinia

Last year it was the first time we tried this Easter Combo – ski and kayak, on a small scale in Scotland, and we liked it very much.

This year we decided to go bigger, further, although it probably wasn’t much further than Scotland, and foreign. So early April saw us packing skis, boots, paddles and kayaks in the car and taking ferry down south.20140501-220146.jpg


Our first stop was La Thuilein Italy. We chose this as it was high, close to Monte Bianco, and promised good skiing in late season. We weren’t disappointed. And rather than writing long articles about it, we made a little video.




“Ok, the premiere has happened.” says Michal.

Over 30 people came to Cape to see our new film. If it was a success or not, we leave up to the crowd. For us it was very successful as we raised over £200 for young man called Joshua, who’s parents also came to see the film.

Thank you to all who came and all who donated.


We decided it would be shame that those, who could not come, would miss the opportunity to see it and so The Film is here.

Film Premiere of CORNISH DELIGHT

Hi Everyone,

Michal and I are about to finish our short movie from the trip we undertook during the summer together with Alastair.

We decided to share it with all and to invite everyone to a pub, Cape, to not only see the film but also to meet others and have fun 🙂

Meet at 26 November from 7pm, film screening at 8pm.

Here is a short trailer again

Do not hesitate and come

Natalie and Michal