We started kayaking in a Summer of 2009. Originally we were looking for an alternative to our main hobby, climbing, as with jobs and studies at the time, the distance we had to travel to climb was taking a big chunk out of the time we had. It seemed to work for a little while, with Brighton being closer than Peak District. Little did we know at that time, how mistaken we were.

Our first proper introduction to sea kayaking was a six days paddling at the Isle of Scillies with Sea Kayaking Cornwall. Here, we met Simon, who told Michal about his circumnavigation of Britain. Michal was hooked, while I started my battle with the fear of being upside down in the water.

Again, little did I know that two and half years later I would be fighting with much more. As we decided to go and circumnavigate Britain ourselves.

2012 was the Circumnavigation Year, we left our jobs, and home and embarked on a journey which saw our transformation from weekend leisure kayakers to those, who spent long periods of time on the sea. And yes, we came back wanting more.


The idea of a new trip came as we were standing on top of Cape Wrath seeing some distant land on the horizon. It took another few years to get the courage to leave our jobs and the flat again and embark on another journey. The Northern Four project was to take us to distant places where no one lives permanently and not many come by their own power. This time the nature had much bigger say in when we would or wouldn’t launch and we spent considerable amount of time on the land to what we originally planned for. And yes, we had to reconsider our plans and change them, but kayaking from the Mainland Scotland all the way to the Stacks in the St Kilda Archipelago, will always remain one of our most profound experiences.




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