MAD Coaching


When we were paddling around Britain in 2012, we were raising money for Joshua Haroon and Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre. After we had finished our first long paddling trip, we continued to raise money towards both of these charities through our talks and kayak coaching.cropped-thcc3star-4.jpg

Over the years more and more people have come to us for bespoke sea kayak coaching, or  to be helped to progress with their paddling.

Paddling with others, seeing their enjoyment of their own progress and achievements, and knowing that we made that difference increases our own enthusiasm for paddling .

As we are very fortunate not to be dependent on any money we raise through kayaking, we decided to use it to make a difference where it really matters. The idea of this Mad Coaching Project is that we provide the coaching you want and you donate to our, or your, chosen charity. How much? This is based on a principle that if we made a difference to you, you could make a similar difference to others.

Working as a team gives us a broad range of experiences which, combined with our coaching repertoires, means we can offer many different options.

Natalie can coach people up to their 3*. She can also assess 1*, 2* and 3* sea kayaking. She is very good at working on confidence building and coaching sea kayaking through every small step needed.

Michal is good at coaching paddlers from different environments and from different crafts, and is excellent at coaching paddlers how to transfer their existing skills into sea kayaking.

Between us, we can coach in surf, rock hopping, in tide races, in different conditions, or just go on a gentle paddle and introduce you to new areas of the coastline you haven’t been to yet.

We have experience in expedition paddling and open crossings and can share our skills with you.

We paddle, coach and lead anywhere on the British coast. Our home water is the tidal Thames and we would be more than happy to introduce you to the environment and to show you how to paddle through the busy centre of London safely.


You want to be coached or lead by us, you call us, or send an email, or FB message with what you want. We will discuss how we can make it happen.

Don’t wait for sessions to appear, there are no sessions and no “calendar”, just get in touch with us.