Our fundraising mission started when we paddled around Britain. Although our trip was unsupported, we could not have done it without the help of others we met during the journey. The support came in different shapes, a cup of hot chocolate on rainy beach, an offer of a roof over our head to stay during a storm, or a donation to our fundraising with a note, that the article we just posted made them smile for days.

All this taught us that it is important to help each other, and we decided to continue to support both, Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre and Joshua through our paddling, talks and coaching.

This year, 2015/2016, we are aiming all our fundraising to support the SBOAC in their Kala Patthar Challenge, where a group of twelve 15 to 18 year olds will spend 22 days from October to November 2016 hiking in the Everest Valley from Lukla to Kala Patthar reaching 5,555 metres. During the trek they will learn about the region, its people and the environment.

It costs £1700 for one young person to be able to go on such life changing experience. We are aiming to raise this amount to support at least one person to go.



Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre

 Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre is a charity which provides opportunity for children and young people living in a big city to try and regularly participate in outdoor sports such as kayaking and climbing. We love these activities and it would be shame if others would be denied access to them due to their economic situation or location where they live.

Joshua Haroon 

We’ve known Joshua since he was a 1 year old. Since then Joshua has grown, and now goes to special primary school. Josh’s medical condition means that he needs constant support and sometimes his toys need to be more than ordinary. Our first fundraising was aimed at giving him a block of therapy at Bobath Centre, later we were raising for his sensory toys to play with and to develop his vision.


If you want to know more about Josh, see here.

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