We came across and tried Tiderace Kayaks quite early in our paddling career. Later when it came to choosing a kayak for our Circumnavigation of Britain in 2012, we decided to go in a Tiderace. And we fell in love with them due to their comfort and performance.  Our skills improved, our needs for different kayak models changed over time, but we have been paddling their kayaks ever since.

In 2016 we proudly became Tiderace Ambassadors and are happy to share our passion for these boats with others.

We are based in London and have several kayaks available. If you are interested to demo  Tiderace sea kayaks, or have a question about them, email us or gives us call. It is also possible to purchase Tiderace kayaks through us.


email: sixknots@hotmail.com, tel: 07980794018

Tiderace kayaks